Booming Lady Shoes Market in China

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In recent years, China’s lady leather shoes market presented sustained and rapid development. According to a survey conducted by CIIIC of 270 important department stores in China, sales volume and sales amount of name brand female leather shoes in the last 5 years have had a compound annual growth rate of 15.54% and 39.19%, respectively, far more than the average retail growth and footwear products industry consumption growth. [...] We believe that with the continuing improvement of the financial capability of Chinese women [...] the future market demand for lady’s shoes will continue to remain far stronger than the average retail growth in the Chinese fashion industry. [...] In terms of the high-end or luxury lady’s shoe market, the opportunity is huge. It is estimated that China will become the number one luxury market in 2015 (25% annual growth rate), with over RMB 248 billion in sales, accounting for 29% of the world’s total luxury consumption. The shoes segment occupies 5-10% of this total. Most international luxury brands have already entered the Chinese market, but no dominant players have emerged so far. Abstract from