E-commerce trends in 2012

Access to E-Commerce

Even if eBay and Amazon still rule the e-commerce world, with their main marketplace sites, vertical niche boutiques, and subscription shops, three key trends are transforming e-commerce: disruptive technology, social media, and mobile devices. Here’s a speed summary of the presentations on e-commerce trends , 2012 trends in e-commerce from Cedric Deniaud, embedded below.

Trend 1: Disruptive Experiences

  • Rich commerce (3D, AR, interactive video, virtual models)
  • Single Page Stores (Blixt&Dunder, Flaek)
  • Simple Stores (Read Sweater, Bucky Cubes)
  • Dynamic Pricing (decreasing wonderprice, blind auctions (deal de ouf), micro-flash promos (4 seconds to buy)

Trend 2: Social Commerce

  • Buyer Communities
  • Group-Buy
  • Shop and Share
  • Curation (Polyvore)
  • Community Recommendations (Fashism)
  • Co-Browsing
  • F-Commerce

Trend 3: Mobile apps

  • Price comparison
  • E-commerce
  • Personalisation
  • Loyalty
  • Catalogues
  • New mobile devices screens (tablets, in-car, photoframes, media players)

Source: socialcommercetoday.com