Fendi retains Facebook fans through X-Rated social video campaign

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Italian label Fendi is looking to keep Facebook fans interested by releasing an official video every day pertaining to the fall 2012-13 collection runway shows. Fendi’s X-Rated series shows behind-the-scenes footage of makeup, hair, models and clothing from the brand. All videos are available on Fendi’s Facebook page. Many luxury brands are using social video as a way to connect with consumers. This is especially true in the case of behind-the-scenes footage. Labels choose to do this to show something extra about the brand, whether it is craftsmanship, heritage or behind-the-scenes access. French fashion empire Louis Vuitton is increasingly using video to engage fans and drive them to its online magazine called “New, Now” . Also Moët & Chandon ventured into social video to promote its new customizable St. Valentine’s Day rosé bottles . “Giving users the chance to see products in a different way like video gives them a level of excitement that still images just don’t evoke,” Mr. Schott said. “The videos, because of how they pull users in, are also more likely to be shared. “Luxury brands depend a lot on word of mouth and Facebook is the community connection point of this day and age,” he said. Source luxurydaily.com

In this video Fendi makeup artist Peter Philips explains his inspiration behind the runway show.