Google+ vs Facebook, a lost war?/5 (what’s happening right now)

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To some observers, the challenges Google is facing in creating a rival destination to Facebook and Twitter evokes the problems that software giant Microsoft has had in creating a rival search destination to Google search with Bing.

Facebook and Twitter helped change the way people discover new things on the Web, rivaling Google as the chief gateway to the Internet. Much of the activity on Facebook is private and can’t be accessed by Google’s search engine, making search less useful as people spend more time on Facebook.

While some Silicon Valley executives privately give credit to Google for not just ceding territory to Facebook, Google has an uphill battle in slowing down Facebook’s momentum.

All of this makes it more important for Google to win over people like Ben Hopper. The 29-year-old photographer in London joined G+ shortly after it launched and said he believed the service had potential.

But in November, Mr. Hopper stopped using G+. Instead, he re-focused on Facebook and social media sites like Twitter. G+ “was an additional tool that needed time investment—time I didn’t have to begin with,” he said.

from WSJ by A. Efrati