Hey startuppers, need funds?

Al debutto

Wefunder provides a platform that allows startups to hold fundraising with a crowd of investors. Wefunder’s platform disrupts the traditional funding rounds a startup would go through by marrying it with the popular crowdfunding techniques found on websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Wefunder does allow businesses to use the platform, and potential funders are also offered a stake of equity in the company. Mike Norman, founder of Wefunder adds that crowdfunding is a way for startups to avoid looking like a bad idea as a result of a poor funding round. “If we have a crowdfunding platform that everyone is using to raise their first rounds of capital, and it’s a way for them to hit those milestones before they go out to other forms of investment, then that signal won’t be there because it’ll be such a commonplace tool to raise funding,” Norman explains. Each company that goes through the process is specifically screened, checked and vetted to ensure that every possible funding opportunity aligns with the platform’s message and goals. And, right now, the company plans on screening just one startup per week. Source mashable.com