Young entrepreneurs are represented not only by tech or web startuppers, but also by traditional winemakers

Sfide Strategiche

It was a sort of calling,’’ says Arianna Occhipinti, 29, describing how she became a winemaker some eight years ago. ‘‘I started from one hectare and I decided my life had to continue making wine.’’ The atypically nuanced Occhipinti nero d’Avolas and frappatos, which she produces in southern Sicily, now have the oenophiles raving. Her secret? Farming her grapes biodynamically. To avoid manipulation of the harvest with chemical products, the grapes must be their healthiest, she explains, and this requires especially attentive work in the vineyards. The payoff is a fuller expression of the terroir, and of the various grapes. ‘‘Each one,’’ she says, ‘‘has something to communicate.’’

Arianna’s wine and work have been described in a NYT deep review by Eric Asimov