Greek bonds

Greece to announce swap results friday morning. This deal will probably run, but what will happen to the next one?

The Greek government will announce early Friday the results of investors’ participation in the country’s [...]


S&P declares Greece in default. But it is a late declaration

Greece became the first euro-zone member officially to be rated in default, 13 years after [...]

BNP Paribas

Effects of Euro attack on France banks: BNP Paribas profit hit by Greece

French bank BNP Paribas SA reported a sharp drop in fourth-quarter net profit, hit by [...]

Greece protesters

Greece Passes Sweeping Cuts

Mr. Venizelos defended the government’s decision: ”That has to happen by tonight, in other words by [...]


Germany Warns Greece on Aid Funds

Finance Minister Says Euro Zone May Refuse Athens a Fresh Bailout If Nation Can’t Enact [...]


Europe Tightens Fiscal Ties

Leaders of 25 European Union governments agreed Monday night on what some billed as a [...]